Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Please welcome: THE BEAUTY

all Photos: Nicolas Buechi

After finishing THE BEAST this fall, for all of us it was clear like a backside air that we need a winter residence to pass this cold, ugly swiss winter. So please say hello to THE BEAUTY.

As we had finished the first building step, THE BEAUTY was ready for her first action filled night. A "MOTÖRHEAD ONLY" playlist, a bucket full of cheap, heated red wine and a good crew of friends was all we needed for an epic session.

Stefan the electrician showed up really early, to get a few lines without to many drunk people around. Backside Smith.

For a session like this, Luki the Nurse was in for sure. Thanks to his dad, who gave us his concrete mixer!Frontside Smith to Fakie.

If you got Ivo on the scene, you know there will be Backside Tailslides and crazy blunt combos!

Luki again, feebles, 2.5m long, no prob.

and the other way round, also no prob.

A good surprise, John Marc Deere showed up, going hispeed switch fuchsgrind.

Ok, if you see Reto climbing somewhere up, you know whats gonna happening.
RETO DROP from hell. Trick of the night, and he did it again, just for fun, 3 or 4 times.

If Don Natter comes down from Basel, you know it will be a funny night. Frontside feeling it.

Before he had to leave, a short feeble from Ste the electrician.

Ok, now change sides. The Wallride Session started to explode. This was the beginning, Ste the Electrician just going a bit vert.

Schumi, the only not drunk that night, having fun with "Back to the Roof" Wallrides. That's how they go!

Okay, this one wasnt a make, but he tried so hard, I have to post this picture.

Powerslide Wallrides to fakie aren't a single bit easy on a brick wall. Fuck Yeah Ivo.

Sylvain, shows, what has to be built, has to be ridden!

Ok, then things started to get weird. Möhre shows us, that he know to lick. the roof.
Schumi, tried in also, slamming his head more then once to the roof.

Just an easy one, fakie wallride.

Nollie Bigspin on a brick wall??? easy for Ivo.

You can't push your head more against a roof, as Don Natter did. Holy fuck.

But after this, the fun wasn't all over! We also had the video Premiere of our Summer Tour Video through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy on. We'll post the video soon, check also the tour report in the upcoming issue of the Confuzine Mag.

Everyone was happy, everyone rocked, everyone was drunk, so perfect to head over to the Grindcore Concert of a friend. Say hello to THE BEAUTY.

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